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For TEAMS and INDIVIDUALS: therapists, coaches, influencers, models, entertainers, psychics, astrologers, doctors, after-sales consultants, technical support specialists or anyone who offers online 1 to 1 consulting services.

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Monetize your Website and/or Social Media Accounts

Promote your Loki Profile Link on your website, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, groups, forums, ads, or share it with your clients to make your services more accesible. With Loki, you can also monetize your networking and social media presence – why not start now?

One button away

Once they access your profile, clients can easily reach you with just one click. All they need to do is enter their credit card information and they'll be able to call you instantly or schedule an appointment.

iOS, Android and web apps

Both you and your clients can hold your calls either from your computer or from your smartphone via our iOS, Android and browser apps.

Appointments and Instant Calls

You can offer both appointment calls (fixed rates for 15/30/45/60/75/90 mins sessions), or instant calls (paid per minute).

Team Management

You can easily manage your team of consultants with Loki: add members, set up their fee, see their activity, withdraw the team's revenue into your account. For this module please contact us.

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We are proud of our 2 minute long onboarding process for both clients and consultants

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Get your money instantly at the end of each session. Withdraw them to your PayPal or bank account whenever you please.

As cheap as it gets

Platform cut - only 10% commission on your transactions. No hidden fees.

Adapt Your Business to New Times

Modern times require swift course of action changes. Make sure you have all the right tools to adapt to ever changing business environments and client needs.

Receive Instant Calls

Charge clients on a per-minute basis. They can call you any time you set yourself online.

Set your own Schedule

Set your own availability and prices. Make your own schedule and gain flexibility.

Stay up to Speed

Get notified by email and push notifications when you receive appointment requests or when an appointment approaches.

Get Paid Instantly

Instantly withdraw your wallet balance to your bank account or PayPal without any hidden fees.

We Handle Invoicing

Loki can generate automatic invoicing that will significantly reduce time spent with accounting.

Work from Anywhere

You can switch between our web and mobile apps at any time so you can work from anywhere.

Start charging
for your time

Current video calling and integrated payment solutions have evolved into Loki and now this kind of service can finally be secure, safe, qualitative and easily scalable.

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