For Consultants

How does it work?

Step 1: As a consultant, sign up for an account on our platform using our web version or iOS/Android apps. If you want to manage a team of consultants, you can do so on the web version, which includes access to a team interface. If you’re an individual, the following steps apply:

Step 2: Set up your fees for instant audio/video calls (per minute) and appointments (flat fee),  your schedule, and information about your services.

Step 3: Promote your Loki profile by sharing the link provided on your account’s homepage. You can share it on your website or on social media, groups, forums, or directly with clients.

Step 4: Clients can use the link to access your profile and instantly call you (charged per minute) or book appointments (flat fee). They’ll be prompted to enter their credit card information when attempting to contact you.

NOTE: The platform works via Internet, not via GSM (phone numbers). For both instant calls and appointments only the clients can initiate the call. There’s no need for you to install any other software. Just make sure you are logged in in your Loki account either in browser (make sure you keep the Loki page open when you expect calls) or in the iOS/Android app (the phone will ring even if the app is closed as long as you are logged in).

Will my clients need to download the app?

Not necessarily! The platform can be used both as apps or in browser (both mobile and desktop).

Can I take calls on my desktop?

Yes, you can take calls on your desktop computer using the web version.

How much does the platform take?

Loki retains a 10% commission from all transactions.

Are there any other fees or taxes I need to pay?

NO. The 10% commission covers payment processing and the Loki service as well.

When will I receive payment?

Your earnings from a call are added to your balance immediately after the call ends. You can view your balance at any time on the Home screen in the upper left corner. You can withdraw your balance to your bank account or PayPal as long as the balance is at least $10.

Why do I need to offer a free first minute?

We require a free first minute to provide a better client experience and accommodate accidental or brief calls. However, you have the option to disable this feature if you prefer.

When can I receive calls?

You can receive calls as soon as you create your account and are online. You can check/set your online status in your Home Screen. If using the mobile app, you can receive calls even if the app is closed or running in the background, as long as you are logged in and online. If using the web version you need to have the Loki website open and be logged in.

How can I stop receiving calls?

In the Home Screen, turn the Instant Calls switch to Offline.

How can my clients benefit of recordings?

To ensure that your sessions are recorded and clients can easily access their recordings, please make sure the “Recordings” setting in your profile section is on (it is on by default). When this option is checked (on), clients will receive their recordings automatically via email, and they can also find them in their account’s history page.

For Teams

How do I create a team?

  1. Create a consultant account.
  2. Log in to the web version at Teams can only be created/managed from the web version (the option is not available in the mobile apps).
  3. Click the “Create team” button and name your team.
  4. Invite other members to join your team.
  5. Set up their percentage cut.
  6. Once they accept the invitation, you can view their activity on your team’s panel. As the team leader, you’re the only one who can withdraw the balance, and team members won’t have access to it. You’ll need to distribute their cut outside of the Loki platform after withdrawing funds.

Is it possible to customize my team's branding?

Yes, it’s possible to have your own team’s branding with our white label solution. You can check our pricing plans here: With this solution, you’ll get your own iOS and Android apps with your branding, including changes to the name, color, and logo as per your specifications. For the web version, we’ll customize the branding, logo, color, and name, all as per your requirements for all your team’s consultants.

Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in this solution.

How do I integrate my Loki team with my website?

There are a few options:

  1. Link to our default team’s consultant listing page.
  2. Create a web page on your website, list all team consultants, and link each to their Loki profiles for a customized look and feel.
  3. Hire us to create a custom web page for you.

For Callers

How am I being charged for a call?

For instant calls, the platform displays the cost of your call in real-time, which includes:

  • A free first minute
  • The consultant’s per-minute fee multiplied by the duration of the call, starting from the second minute.

For booked appointments, you will be charged the flat fee when the consultant accepts the request.

So an instant call with a duration shorter than 1 min is free, right?

Yes, that’s correct. The first minute of the call is free for the client. After that, the client will be charged per minute according to the consultant’s rate. However, each consultant has the option to disable the option to offer the free first minute.

Besides what I pay to the consultant, are there any other fees or taxes?

NO. The Loki platform does not charge clients any additional fees or taxes besides what they pay to the consultant. The commission that Loki retains is taken from the consultant’s earnings, not from the client’s payment.

When and how is the payment made?

For instant calls, your card will be charged automatically at the end of the call, following the rules mentioned in answer to Question 1. In the case of longer calls, partial payments may be made.

For booked appointments, your card will be charged as soon as the consultant accepts your request.

Is the platform responsible for the quality of the provided services?

No, Loki is a marketplace that connects clients with consultants for online services. We do not assume responsibility for the quality of services or the accuracy of consultant profiles and marketing information. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Can a call be recorded or accessed by a third party?

The sessions between the consultant and the client are completely private. However, the consultant has the option to enable recordings, and if this setting is on (which is by default), the client can access the recording from the call history list after the session. They are also sent an email with the recording link. The recording needs to be downloaded within 30 days before it expires.