For Consultants

How does it work?

Step 1: As consultant, you create an account either through our iOS/Android apps or our web version for mobile or desktop computers (Sign up as Consultant/Service Provider). At this point, if you want to create and manage a team of consultants you can do so from the web version only, where you’ll receive access to a team interface. If you’re an individual following steps apply:

Step 2: You set up your fees (per minute fees for instant audio/video calls and flat fees for appointments), you set up your schedule, information about you and your services. 

Step 3: Promote your Loki profile by promoting the link the platform provides on your account’s homepage. You can link it via your website or promote it on your social media, on groups, forums or send it directly to your clients. 

Step 4: Using this link clients will be taken to your profile, from where they can call you instantly (paid per minute) or make appointments (flat fee) as soon as they enter their credit card credentials, which will be requested when trying to contact you. 

Will my clients need to download the app?

Not necessarily! The platform can be used both as apps or from mobile browser (both mobile and desktop).

Can I take the calls from desktop?

Yes, you can also take them from the web version.

How much does the platform take?

Loki retains a 10% commission from all transactions.

Do I pay other fees or taxes?

NO. The 10% commission covers payment processing and the Loki service as well.

When do I receive the money?

The amount that you make in a call is instantly added to your balance right at the end of the call. You can see your updated balance at all times in the upper left side of the Home screen. You can withdraw your balance either to your bank account or PayPal at any moment as long as the balance is at least $10.

Why do I have to offer a free first minute?

Sometimes clients call by mistake, or only for some small information regarding your service. According to our Terms and Conditions, Loki requires you agree with this measure for a better client experience with the platform. However, this option can be set so that you don’t offer the free minute. 

When can I receive calls?

As soon as you have created your account, as long as you are online you are available to receiving calls. You can check if you’re online in the upper right side of the Home Screen. As long as you are online you can receive calls even if the app is closed or in the background. Use the ‘Invite clients’ button on the Home screen to share your Loki profile with your clients. 

How can I stop receiving calls?

In the Home Screen, turn the upper right side switch to Offline.

For Teams

How do I create a team?

Step 1: Create a consultant account. 

Step 2: Login from the web version:

Step 3: Click on ‘Create team’ button and name your team. 

Step 4: Invite other members to your team. 

Step 5: Set up their cut (percentage). 

Step 6: Once they accept your invitation, in your team’s panel you will be able to see their activity. As team leader, you will be the only one able to withdraw the balance, they won’t have access to it. You will have to distribute their cut independent of our platform after you withdraw funds. 

Can I have my own team’s branding?

Yes, but for that you will need a white label solution. Check out our pricing plans for that here: 

This means you will get your own apps for iOS and Android with your branding (we will change name, color, logo with the ones you provide). For the web version, we will change the branding (logo, color, name) with the one you provide for all your team’s consultants. 

Contact us if this is what you need. 

How do I link this to my website?

Each team’s consultant has a link to their profile page. You just put it under a button on your website or you can ask us to do it. Alternatively if you don’t have an website we can build one for you, but will charge you for it. 

For Callers

How much do I have to pay for a call?

During your call, the platform will show in real time the amount that you have to pay until that moment: 

  • 0 within the first minute
  • an amount equal to consultant’s per minute fee times the duration of the call in minutes starting with minute 2.

Besides what I pay to the consultant, are there any other fees or taxes?

NO. The platform only takes commission from the consultants, not the clients. 

When and how is the payment made?

Your card is automatically charged at the end of the call according to the rules in Question 1. For longer calls, partial payments may be made. 

Is the platform responsible for the quality of the provided services?

NO. Loki is a marketplaces that facilitates online service providing between consultants and clients. We do not take responsibility for the quality of the servicies, nor for the veracity of consultants profile and marketing information. Please carefully read our Terms and Conditions document for further information. 

Can a call be recorded or accessed by a third party?

NO. Neither audio, nor video sessions are recorded or stored anywhere. Calls are 100% private. The two parties (client and consultant) are the only ones with access in the call, during the call only.