For Clients

Are my calls private? Can they be heard, seen or tracked by anybody else?

Loki offers full privacy. We do not store any of the audio or video data. The client and consultant are the only two parties involved in the call.

How much do I pay to call a consultant?

During the conversation the platform will display in real time the amount that is due until that moment. At the end of the call your credit card will be automatically charged. The cost may be:

  • 0 if the duration of the call is less than 2 minutes.
  • the amount equal with the per minute fee of the consultant you’re calling times the duration of the call in minutes starting with minute 3 (which is first paid minute).

Besides the cost of the calls, do I pay platform commissions or anything else?

NO. The platform takes commission only from the consultants.

Does the platform guarantees the quality of the services I receive from the consultants?

NO. Loki is a marketplace that puts together experts and people looking for their services. We do not take responsibility for the data that consultants provide about themselves, nor for the quality of their services. The rating and review system will help you find out from other users what their level of expertise really is.

For Consultants

What are the fees involved?

Loki takes a 10% commission from all calls.

When do I receive the money I make from a call?

As soon as the call ends, you will see the money you made add up to the balance in your wallet. You will be able to withdraw them in your bank account at any time you want.

When can I receive calls?

As soon as your account is created, you will automatically be online to receive calls. As long as you are online you will be able to receive calls even if the app is closed. You can switch between online/offline at any time you want.

I want to be available only for my clients, not for the public. Can I do that?

YES. Go to My Profile and switch from Public to Private mode. Then share your code with your clients. They will be able to add you in their Private Consultants lists and they will be the only ones able to reach you.